You know how some people have logs and notes about the wines they have had?  Yeah.  I don’t really take notes, this is about as close as I get.

Admittedly the ratings are a bit on the arbitrary side and are not absolute.  I don’t really have a metric of how I rate them beyond 5 Stars: “Wow that is really good.  I’d totally buy that again”.  There also a bit of the ‘value’ taken into account as well. If a bottle is $150.00, and is really good, it might only get a 4 simply because it wasn’t good enough to justify the ridiculous price.

No, I am not going to wrote down some crap like ‘hints of late summer florals with a je ne sais quoi of mulberry’.  Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.  Remember –this site is for me.  Not for you.